Inverters to provide 120ac power from batteries ,are rapidly expanding in their applications. They are found on both power and sailboats, from 26’ in length to 150’. These units can provide not only 120ac power without the running of a genset, but they can charge batteries and automatically switch to and from shore power. Their installation takes special care and if not properly done, they can be dangerous. SMS has a long history of not just troubleshooting these systems, but they’re installation as well. We can supply various brands and types of inverters to fit your need. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, we can council you on your project as much as you like.

High output alternators and “smart” regulators are also a specialty of ours. Matching the battery bank size and alternator output to your needs is what we do. The number and type of battery banks can change depending on how your are going to use the boat. Maybe there is a better, alternative solution to your situation. Let us help you design your electrical system and supply the amount of labor you need or want.