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Our primary purpose at SMS is the repair of your boat’s systems.  From generators to watermakers, we have the know how to solve any problem you might have.  Here is what you should know if you would like to enlist our services.

SERVICE AREA:  We regularly cover the coast from Topsail Island to Myrtle Beach.  Our shop is located just outside of the airport in Wilmington.  Our technicians are in Southport, Wrightsville Beach, and Hampstead on a weekly basis.  We try to maximize efficiency by grouping services calls in one area together, this results in lower travel costs for our customers.

TRAVEL CHARGES:  If we can schedule our trip to your boat is at least one other job, we charge you for only one way.  This means that for non-emergency work, you will only pay time and mileage one way to your boat.  We charge  $.70 for each mile to your boat and the standard hourly rate ($95/hr.) for time.  For an example, a trip to Southport would cost $95 for travel labor and $24.50 in mileage, for a total of $119.50.

Emergency labor, such as evenings, weekends, and Holidays will be billed at total travel time (to and from) and $135.00/hr.

METHODS OF PAYMENT:  We accept personal checks, MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and even cash.  We may ask for credit card information at our first visit to your boat.  Especially if we need to order more than $500 of parts for your work.

HOW TO INITIATE A WORK ORDER:   You can call Dave Harrington at the shop to place a work order, his number is 910 620 3212.  You can also call one of our technicians directly if you already have their number.  Here is the information that you should be ready with.

Name and address for billing the invoice (also email)

Boat name, make, model

Boat location and combination (or key location)

Engine model and serial  (serial numbers are becoming the best way to communicate with engine manufacturers)

WHAT TO EXPECT:  After initiating a work order, we should be able give you a rough idea of when our technician will be coming to your boat.  We regularly work with vessel owners , so if you want to meet our technician just let us know when you make the work order.  Once our tech is on-board, they will diagnose the problems on the work order and give you a call with the solutions and an estimate.

OUR WARRANTY:  We stand behind everything we do at SMS.  Technically, we will cover our repairs for a period of one year after the completion of the repair.   If we install a replacement part or piece of equipment on your vessel and it fails before a year is up, then it would be covered under warranty.

If you encounter a problem with a part or our workmanship, please give us a call immediately.   Please do not let a problem go for days before calling us, because in a marine environment, moisture is our worst enemy.  If you engine or genset has failed due to moisture ingestion, then that water must be removed ASAP, before it causes irreparable damage to your equipment.

If you are miles away when the piece fails, we will try to send you a new unit and you can return the warrantied unit in that shipping container.  We are only responsible for the replacement of item and not for the postage, or travel time to where ever your boat is.