Beta Marine

Beta Marine Engines


Beta Marine engines utilize Kubota diesels as their base engine. These engines are in use all over the world and are renowned for reliability. Some other marine engine manufacturers use these engines, but none install the high quality accessories that Beta Marine does. That’s the difference between Beta and the others.

Beta has a distributor located here in North Carolina, in Minnnesott Beach outside of New Bern.  Engines and parts can be picked up in just two hours from here in Wilmington.  Although Beta isn’t a huge marine engine manufacturer, they make it up with personalized service.  No corporate beauracacy with Beta, all decisions are made right here in NC.  You can call Stanley at Beta and he ships parts and accessories straight to your door if you don’t want to make the drive to their shop.




Beta Marine make diesel generators as well.  These units use the dependable Kubota engine as well and utilize Newage generator ends.  Similar heat exchangers and auxilary equipment to the propulsion engines are used on the gensets.



You can visit the Beta Marine website at