At Specialized Mechanical Services, we try to take a more holistic approach to work on your boat.   Trying to establish the most economic and effective manner in which to repair and/or upgrade your vessel requires knowledge of your intended use of the boat.  How long do you intend on keeping the boat?  How will the work affect the resale value of the boat?  How will you use the boat in the next few years?  These are questions that we may ask as we formulate an estimate and plan for the work on the boat.  The more we know about your plans, the better we can bring about positive results.

Our technicians have experience, not just on repairing boats, but actually operating them.  That is often the difference between SMS and it’s competitors.  Would you hire a mechanic to fix your car, who has never driven one?  From charter service in the Med to fishing in Alaska, our team has the experience to solve your problems.

Test running a genset on site
480v Three phase paralleling board