Engine Sales

At Specialized Mechanical, we feel that when it comes to propulsion engines for sailboats that Yanmar, Beta Marine, Volvo Penta and Westerbeke are at the top of the heap. Not to mention that both Beta Marine and Westerbeke are also well known for generators as well.





One of the few marine engines that have been groomed specifically for the marine industry.  SMS sells this line of engines from 12Hp. to 140Hp.



Beta Marine Engines
These engines originated from the across the Atlantic in England. In essence, these are the famous Kubota diesel engines with a high quality heat exchangers, transmissions, and accessories.



Some of the first diesels in sailboats, at least in the US, were Westerbeke’s. Back in the sixties, the Perkins 4-107, when painted red, became the W-40 Westerbeke.  This imortalized Westerbeke as a leading name in sailboat auxilaries.






Volvo Penta has been building marine diesel since before the second world war.  It originally started as just “Penta” prior to being acquired by Volvo in the 1930’s.  This company has built a dealer system, world wide, that has no comparison.

D1 20 MS 10 001