April 6, 2020 Office Temporarily Closed

At Specialized Mechanical Services, we are proud of our
reputation of providing excellent customer care to our clients , and will
always strive to continue that valuable tradition!  Due to the current “Unchartered waters” we
have found ourselves treading in, we have made the decision to put our employee’s
health and safety above all else. 

The SMS Office will be closed for for an undetermined amount of time beginning Tuesday, April 7th. We may be able to accomodate some PARTS orders with stock on hand, and our vendors still shipping them. Call 910.620.3212 to leave a voice mail for a return call. Specify your request on the voice mail.

To be clear, we are NOT closing the business, we are only closing temporarily!  We will be available for EMERGENCIES ONLY, and cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate any requests at this point.  What constitutes an emergency will be mostly be determined by whether the safety and well being of our staff is worth the risk.   If you would like to submit a work order, we will determine if we will be able to dispatch a tech to your boat.  You can put in a request for service by one of the following options:

Specializedmechanical.com  –  Scroll to the bottom of the screen to fill out the “Contact Form”. Be sure to include all information for your boat: All of the following info is REQUIRED:

1)Engine makes/models/serial numbers, boat type & name

2)Service location including the slip information, etc.

3)Contact information and description of the issue

OR Email a request for a work order to [email protected] – a pdf or Excel sheet will be emailed to you to return.

PRIORITIES AFTER REOPENING: All existing, and in progress work orders will be the first to be continued when we resume business, followed by the new work orders we have on the books as of today.  If you have a new request for service, please submit a work order to our office so we may put you into our system and be better prepared when we return to what is sure to be a very busy season! 

 Information regarding when we will reopen will be posted in the following locations:

By responding properly to this global pandemic, we can play a part in minimizing the effects on all of our families and businesses.


The SMS Staff        

Main Office Number: 910.620.3212